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Britney Spears poured her ample curves in latex

Britney Spears poured her ample curves into a body-hugging latex vest in her music video “Womanizer” while playing as a sexy waitress. The ultimate latex top wore by Britney in this video is just something that you must include in your wardrobe.

britney in the sexy latex syren

This short waist top gives an ultimate feminine fit and is inspired by the tuxedo vest. The peaked lapels of is wide collars are just exaggerating the look. The snap face bodice is creating a push effect. The deep stabbing neckline of the gorgeous top is audacious but is ultra secure. The video has made syren vest a very well-liked latex top.

I’ve noticed, Britney is a huge fan of latex and add on one or the accessory of latex in her videos. Anything it can be a latex bra, latex pants, skirt, bands or even the latex boots. The best part about the latex is that it can maneuver your curvy body under it beautifully. In fact the divas term the latex bra as a miracle bra, because it just holds astoundingly.

It is so form-fitted that it may give your partner the feeling that you are wearing nothing at all as it enhances each and every cut and curve of the body.

Susan Wayland is Catwoman

We are always talking about models who were latex for special events like the red carpet. Mostly, these models are unbelievable beautiful but do they share the passion for latex like we do? I think there are not that many models but thanks god we have Susan Wayland… my personal super model and the obviously icon for latex modeling.

Now she was surprising me again with a totally crazy project and which let beating my heart even faster. Since my early times I was loving Michelle Pfeiffer from Batman Return… might this be the reason why I love latex, pvc and everything glossy? 😛 However, right with the start of Batman Rises she created her own session and movie simply called Catwoman Rises. A beautiful contrast of the old movie with the perfect hot look of the black latex catsuit and the new movie of Batman. A personal dream came true for me and finally forced me to watch again this fantastic movie again.

Thank you Susan for these beautiful pictures :)

Amy Childs in Latex Catsuit

Amy Childs is an English model, beautician, reality television contestant and television presenter from Essex and looks simply hot in this black shiny latex catsuit.
Amy Childs rose to fame after appearing in the first two series of the award winning series “The Only Way Is Essex”. Amy Childs came in fourth place in Celebrity Big Brother 8 in 2011.
She is wearing this black latex catsuit for an promotion and I think that the whole set is matching perfect. The latex is polished as it should be and makes the look noble and modern. A cool contrast to the hear style and the pink scooter she is posing with.
If you’ve not noticed the latex catsuit is somthing special as it’s cut made to measure but has cute puff sleeves. It makes the latex outfit looking more casual.

Lady Gaga In Transparent Latex

Lady Gaga on is one of the few celebrities who are known as crazy for latex outfits. Lady Gaga has often been seen in the latex outfits in many of her music albums. She often wears the latex outfits in her public appearances too.

This time I am sharing the picture of Lady Gaga in one of the sexiest latex outfits. This time she is on the cover page of NME wearing a zipped latex cat suit. This the first time I am seeing a transparent latex catsuit. Actually it is a semi transparent cat-suit. This black latex catsuit was worn by Lady Gaga for the photo shoot of the cover page of NME. She also wore a similar latex catsuit in her music video Born This Way.

The designer has designed this translucent latex catsuit cheekily as he/she has kept the zip in the vaginal area of the lady and pockets in the breast area.

Nancy Dell Olio In Red Latex Dress

Recently the famous Nancy Dell Olio was spotted in red latex dress which was tight fitted. She was seen at the end of the party of BBC which was strictly come dancing show. Nancy Dell Olio is counted among the sexiest celebrities in the age group of 50 years and must say she slimmed in this super taut latex dress gorgeously. Her bulging breast grabbed many eyes there.

When this hot 50 years old was spotted in the tight red latex dress, she was looking very stunning and was making a hot statement while the photo shoots after the party.

Original name of Nancy Dell Olio is Annunziata Dell Olio. She is a famous property lawyer from Italy and she deals with the property related issues of Italy as well as of America. She first came into limelight when she was noticed by the audience as a girl friend of the famous team manager Sven-Goran Eriksson who is the team manager of the national football team of England.

Susan Wayland In Black Latex Bodysuit

Susan Wayland is a German Model and she is famous for her latex outfits. She had achieved great success in Fetish Modeling and especially in the field of latex outfits. From her childhood, Susan Wayland had always been fond of the quirky clothing.

She liked tight and shiny clothes like latex denim jeans and tops and other interest of her in the clothing was to wear short skirts with socks and stockings. Susan Wayland is known as the Latex Glamour Fashion Model and recently she was spotted in black latex costume.

She had been in different magazines as well as on the cover pages of the magazines such as the German music magazine known as Zillo. The newest illustrated book of Susan Wayland was the latest issue of the popular Fetish magazine Marquis. The name of the book is Susan Wayland: Erotic Latex Fashion Glamour. She had also achieved success as a performer and in glamour photography.

Lady Gaga in Black Liquid Latex Leggings

Singer Lady Gaga is one of the most common categories I have used in my blog. The reason behind is Lady Gaga and her latex love. In fact it won’t be wrong if I say that Lady Gaga is fanatic about anything weird. I wasn’t sure enough that I would ever see Lady Gaga in some decent attire but to the extent of surprise I saw a picture of Lady Gaga in a very decent and elegant outfit recently.

However it was a pair or liquid latex leggings but the lady has paired it up with a very decent and elegant black jacket. Inside her jacket she was wearing a brazier which was making her outfit look elegant yet sexy.

The pair of liquid latex leggings donned by Lady Gaga is no doubt a sexy one. However I can see a few wrinkles on the waist area but it still works well. Lady Gaga has accessorized the outfit with a pair of black gloves covering her hands completely and a pair of shades with a broad frame. The blonde lady is undoubtedly looking nice in the complete attire including the liquid latex leggings.

Susan Wayland in Printed Latex Outfit



This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen of latex model Susan Wayland in latex outfit. This is the wonderful outfit made by printed latex. Busty model Susan Wayland is looking gracious in the printed latex outfit.

As latex sticks to the body it reveals the cuts and curves of the body very nicely. I have seen some more printed latex outfits in some other celebs but this is something different as it is the transparent printed latex outfit.

It has stick beautifully to the curvy body of Susan Wayland and making this model the best model for latex.

The ultra low neckline of the transparent printed latex outfit is showing the busty breast in an appropriate manner. The latex outfit having the small black flowers imprinted on it is looking absolutely unique and giving the busty model a gracious look.

I am also loving the neckpiece carried by the lovely latex model Susan Wayland.


Danni Minogue in Latex Bra Outfit

Danni Minogue is an Australian actress, singer, television personality, model and a fashion designer. The real name of this multi talented lady in Danielle Jane but is popular by the name Danni Minogue among her fans.

Danni Minogue is quite popular among the fashion world and the people associated to the fashion world. She is a gorgeous model and being a fashion designer she is very well aware of what to wear and how to wear.

Have a look at this gorgeous image of the super gracious lady Danni Minogue. She is donned in a designer outfit which includes a latex bra and printed fabric flair.

The latex bra attached to the printed fabric corset is giving the simple and common corset a designer look and has actually enhanced the whole look of the dress.

The latex material is used to make the bra in the corset as it makes the firm cups for the breast and this can be witnessed by this picture of Danni Minogue in Latex bra linked corset.



Susan wayland in red latex bikini

Susan Wayland is the only model I have seen flaunting her body so comfortably in a latex outfit. She has a perfect body to flaunt actually and this might be the reason that she looks awesome in the latex outfits.

Being a latex model Susan Wayland knows how to carry a latex dress. Whatever it may be, a latex bikini, latex skirt, latex top or a latex catsuit, Susan Wayland carry it wonderfully.

Have a look at this picture of Susan Wayland where she is dressed up in a dazzling red latex bikini. What I like the most about this latex bikini is the dazzling red color.

The very fair complexion of Susan Wayland is looking even fairer in the red latex bikini.

However Susan Wayland is a bit busty but still is looking good in this red latex bikini. She can make any man crazy about her by flaunting her sensuous body in latex dresses.