Rocking Lita Ford In Red Latex BodySuit

lita ford in latex

The famous American rock singer and musician Lita Ford is looking splendid in these pictures wearing the slinky red latex dress. This fully clad latex dress in giving the ‘Twisted Sister’ the actual glam. These are the pictures from her famous video “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”. Ford gave a lovely performance in her shiny, downy, body-hugging latex clothing from the famous latex fashion house Syren Couture.

Lita in red latexGod!!!, check out her photos, she is looking spectacular in red latex body suit. The leather harness and studs are the one which brought the dress in headlines.  She is actually a rock star and her chunky red guitar is perfect fit for her. This show was a huge hit and she performed as great as she is looking in this outfit. Look at her lovely smile , how happy she is while performing in the latex dress. This lovely red  latex body suit is not revealing from anywhere, still it is making her look stunnigly sexy. That means a dress need not to be exposing essentially to look sexy.

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