Monique Vegas Latex Fashion Model

Latex Monique Vegas stands as the symbol for latex fashion model in the world. This cute blonde girl with her perfect shape would look simply perfect in every outfit she is wearing. Her look would always be so mindblowing as you can’t imagine. Wearing a tight denim jeans or a sexy tight shirt would always perfectly match and would take your breeth away.

But Monique Vegas is simple different. In her erly age she found her passion for fashion. She was this litttle girl reading all the day fashion magazines like Vogue and more to keep always up to date. She became and real trend setter in her town and started catwalks for local and national fashion labels.

With time she noticed that this type of work became her real passion but the type of fashion was never her real feeling. So shirts became shorter and short, jeans and leggins more and more tight and thin. Finally, her slip was shown just to provoce the public audience in bars and restaurants.

Finally, she noticed that she was just looking for a new type of fashion. It should stay in a classy quality as she always saw in Vogue but otherwise still catch the audience. So she found the way to latex.

This outstanding material just became new on market and just a view designer started to play with cut and styling to make some new fashions. of course, Monqiue Vegas take part of this world. She is wearing on the pictures a blue latex skirts wearable in casual style. Its the perfect outfit for citywalks as it is not provocating but still beautiful in style.


Her second outfit is a black latex bra perfectly matching to the tight shiny latex skirt. Its one of these skirts where girls can’t take a big step at all. I was wearing this latex skirt as well and trust me it’s so damn sexy in a bar but you take nearly ours to get some meters. Even combinded with my black high heels it was the hottest dress I was ever wearing but I was so terrible slow. As Monique the fashion queen is one of me real idols I train every day a walk in high heels just to reach one day her awesome state.

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