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Katy Perry Donned in White Latex in ‘The Smurfs’ Premiere

Katy Perry was spotted in a lovely white latex dress in the world premiere of “The Smurfs” earlier last year. Katy Perry as always was wearing a latex dress, but this was quite a different one with a sparkling print on it.

Katy Perry was donned in an ultra short white latex dress with a sparkling print on it. Katy Perry as always was the center of attraction because of her lovely presence and her latex outfit of course.

This white latex corset with a white latex short skirt was custom made especially for the premier as the sparkling print on the dress was of the Smurf Character.

The white short latex skirt was having some close frills which were covering her sexy bums beautifully.

Katy Perry was looking very pretty with the blue eye makeup and the lovely Lorraine Schwartz jewels accessorized with her white latex dress.


Katy Perry Flaunting cleavage in Latex skirt

Sizzling Katy Perry is donned in a super stylish latex short skirt in pink and black color. This picture is taken from the sets of movie Rock of Ages. This picture was taken on June 5 2011 and it was the birthday of Katy Perry’s husband Russel Brand.

Katy Perry gave a surprise to her husband Russel Brand by attending her shooting set after winding up her own shoot. The body hugging pink and black striped top with ultra low neckline is flaunting her sexy breasts apparently.

Katy Perry is wearing the short latex skirt which is making her look ever sexier. Her complete attire is sensuous but the short latex skirt is playing the major role in making the attire sexy.

The pony tail of Katy Perry suits her a lot and needless to say that the latex skirt suits her as Katy and Latex are made for each other. J


Katy Perry In Latex Bodysuit

I am here again with news of the latex girl Katy Perry. I guess, whenever we talk about the outfits of Katy Perry, most of the time it is latex. I mean, Katy appears in the latex dresses most of the time. Even there were in the rumors all over that Russell and Katy have ordered the latex dresses for their wedding too. But it was just a rumor and nothing such happened.

Anyways, whenever there are some public performances of Katy Perry, she is donned in some latex clothes most of the time. Here is another picture of Katy Perry in Latex. Here she is donned in a latex body suit with leopard print. This brown latex bodysuit is simple awesome and is looking pretty different from the other latex outfits of the lady. If I am not wrong, this is latex only, correct me if I am wrong. This latex body suit is looking absolutely lovely and splendid.


Katy Perry In Black Latex

Katy Perry is my all time favorite singer and I love to listen her songs as well as to watch her music albums. She is such a delight to watch. I guess all the fans of Katy Perry know that she is awesome in her photo shoots too. I have seen many of her photo shoots and in facts saved many of her pictures as the screen saver on my computer system.

The outfit which best suits on the lovely lady Katy Perry is the latex outfit. I have seen numerous of her pictures in latex outfits and her photo shoot in the multicolored latex bikini is my favorite one. Here I am sharing another picture of the gorgeous Katy Perry in latex lingerie. She is here donned in a black latex two piece lingerie with pink flowers on it. However she looks awesome in every latex outfit but when she wears something in black and that too in latex material she sizzles as she has a very fair complexion and black suits her superbly. This black latex bra and the high waist black latex panty is very nice and is making her look even sexier.


Katy Perry In Leather Bra

Katy Perry for a change is in leather wear instead of a latex wear. She anyhow looks good and gorgeous. Katy is one of my all time favorite singers and I love to listen her songs as well as to see her perform live on the stage.

Have a look at this lovely lady wearing a lovely leather bra and a shimmering rainbow skirt. I have never seen such a good and gleaming combination with leather. I used to think that the leather outfit can be coupled with only leather or simple plain PVC. But this lovely lady has coupled it with the superbly designed shimmer skirt. I would never have imagined such a sequined shiny skirt with a leather bra, but the main thing is that it is looking pretty good combo. This front buttoned black leather bra is also designed greatly and looking nice with this skirt, furthermore this lady knows very well how to carry an outfit.


Katy Perry In Black Latex

Yooooooooooo got another picture of the hottest singing latex girl; you know whom I am talking about. Yes you are right I am talking about Katy Perry. Who else can take the tag of latex girl other than Katy Perry? In this picture she is wearing the lovely black latex outfit. The best thing about latex and Katy is that she looks stunningly sexy in the latex wear and no other actress look so sexy and sizzling in the latex wear. This is absolutely my personal; opinion and no offence against the other gorgeous ladies of the industry.

Unlike all her other pictures she is in a very simple hair do in this picture. It is simple plain blunt cut hairdo. But the latex she is wearing is very shiny and is indeed looking lovely. Men would love to see this picture again and again as the sexy boobs are bulging out from the very deep neckline of the latex dress of Katy Perry.


Katy Perry In Red PVC Dress

Katy Perry is always in headlines for her dressing sense and love to rubber clothing.  Though she is very fond of wearing the latex outfits but sometimes she try wearing other such as PVC outfits. Whatever she wears is something out of league for sure. She never wears the usual and common dresses. There is some or the other unique thing in her outfits always.

Here is another example of that, look at this picture of Katy Perry wearing the super dazzling red PVC dress. This quirky and shabby outfit is though not suiting her much, but is designed wonderfully. I feel that Katy must wear the skin fits outfits only. The shabby and loose outfits do not suit her much.

This red PVC dress is pretty loose on her taut body. Though I love the hand shaped belt in golden color, it is something very rare and unique. She wore this dress in Moscow in the year 2009 in the event of MUZ TV Awards.



Wet Katy Perry In Latex Wear

For a change I am showing you a picture of Katy Perry in spandex instead of latex. Who is unaware of Katy’s latex love or should I say latex craze. Katy could be seen very often in the latex outfits, and moreover she looks gracious in it. Though latex is a fetish material but I never felt it fetish when put on by sizzling latex diva Katy Perry.

So today I somehow got this picture of the latex lady wearing a latex outfit and so thought to share it with all of you. Isn’t she looking hot? It’s actually her figure and the grace in her appearance. The sizzling lady in rain wearing a lovely and sexy latex dress, what else a man would love to watch.

I like the color contrast of the dress, pink and black. It is actually very intelligently designed as the black rounds are coming right at the place of the sexy boobs of the lady.



Katy Perry Squeezed in Latex Outfit

Katy Perry loves to squeeze her curvy body into the skin taut latex outfits. She has wonderful curves in her body and so always look gracious in the skin fit outfits, whether it is made of latex, leather, spandex or PVC.

Here is another picture of the lovely lady in latex. This is a short latex dress in light pink color with the gummy bears oriented on it. As most of her latex outfits this one is also designed by the famous latex designer Abigail Greydanus. She is always bubbly and full of life in her performances and I guess latex dresses help her in being so. She is very comfortable roaming and jumping all around the stage when she is donned in the latex outfits and moreover latex is not her style statement. I have seen many of other Hollywood models posing in latex wear; in fact latex is one of the favorite materials of models and photographers today. It looks perfect in the photo shoots. Latex material sticks to body and reveals the cuts and curves sensuously.


Katy Perry In Yellow latex Dress

Katy Perry and latex are made for each other. We can often see her in the latex outfits, no matter what the event is. She wears latex outfits in her videos, live performances, social events or any other event. Here is another picture of stunning singer in yellow halter neck latex dress. Her latex outfits always have some different prints, such as ice-creams cones, palm trees, cookies, flags, cupcakes, lollipops Tootsie Rolls and now the kangaroos.   Here is Katy in a yellow halter neck latex dress with the kangaroos printed on it.


Abigail Greydanus is the favorite latex designer of Katy, almost all of her latex outfits are designed by Abigail. This outfit is also designed by Abigail. What I do not like about this picture is her blue wig. This wig is looking terribly awful with the outfit. The outfit is looking nice and above all it is suiting our latex queen very much.



Katy Perry Donned Pink Latex In Henry Fonda Music Box Concert

Katy Perry is always awesome at her performances. She brings the stage live with her lively performances and rocking attitude. One of the major things that keep Katy in news is her love to the latex outfits. Katy is often seen in the latex outfits, especially in her live performances.



Here are some more pictures of this gorgeous lady in latex wear. These pictures are taken from the Henry Fonda Music Box Concert. She set the stage on rock with her ebullient and rocking performance. The concert was held on 10/10/2010. It was a huge hit, and why not after all the show was shaken by the amazing star like Katy Perry donned in such a lovely pink latex outfit.The short dresses our lovely lady very much; she has a lovely glass honed figure. In fact latex suits her so very much. The pink latex dress that she is wearing in this picture is so lovely and most of all it is suiting Katy very much. This Yum Yum printed latex dress is actually making the diva tempting and Yum.



Katy Perry On Maxim Wearing A Latex Corset

It’s so nice to see Katy Perry on the cover page of Maxim magazine. If Katy’s fans are asked to guess that what Katy would wear to pose on the cover page of Maxim, I think all of them will answer- a latex outfit. The answer was obvious as we all know that Katy loves to wear latex.

Here is the picture her latest pose on Maxim cover page. She is wearing a very lovely outfit made of latex and graced with lovely black lace. Katy looks smoking hot and when she dons anything skin fit such as a latex outfit, the whole ambiance is set ablaze.

This lovely corset made out of latex a netted lace is truly awesome and wonderfully designed. On top of that, the naughty expressions of Katy, how could a man resist her with such a lovely outfit and hot naughty looks. The snug latex corset is so perfectly stick to the gorgeous body, that it is revealing every curve perfectly.



Katy Perry In Latex Army Costume

Katy Perry knows how to dress according to the occasion; she is the perfect style icon as far as latex clothing is concerned. I have never seen any other star dressed so elegantly in latex clothing.  Have a look at these pictures of Katy Perry where she is wearing skintight latex army uniform. If I would be e designer or a star, I would never think about wearing latex outfit in such occasion, but look at her she managed it so well.

An army costume in latex!! it’s simply great. I must congratulate her designer for sure. This latex army costume is looking absolutely stunning and perfect for the occasion. The event was VH 1 held last year at the Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego. What else could be a better dress to salute the cops? Katy just rocked the show and wowed the audience with her performance as well the lovely latex army costume. The best moment of the evening was when Katy landed on the stage using a parachute. Katy Perry is a true Diva, I just love her. She performed her number “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and finished her performance with her smash hit “Firework”.


Katy Perry In Lovely Latex

““The latex is probably the most comfortable thing I ever wear because it just sticks on you,” she said on the red carpet at the Much Music Awards in Toronto.”” These were the words said by our dear and lovely looking rock star Katy Perry.

We all know that Katy loves to wear latex the most. She is not less than a latex fanatic. This gorgeous lady has a perfect gym honed figure and so she actually should wear such tight fitting and snug clothes like that made of latex, PVC, leather and spandex. All of these materials are very elastic in nature and so get stuck to the body like anything. Due to this quality, the latex outfits give a lovely shape to the lovely body. However this only is the reason that the fat ladies must not even try wearing the latex outfit, it would make them look stouter.

Katy though looks always lovely but she dons latex very gracefully and so looks pretty comfortable wearing them.  Here is a picture of Katy in lovely embellished bra accessorized with a high waist latex panty. Isn’t she looking lovely, yes indeed she is.


Katy Perry In Red and White Latex Cat-suit

Katy and latex are genuinely made for each other.  I love seeing her in latex wear, actually the best part is that she is the only one actress I know which carries the latex outfit so well. Though latex is a very elastic material and sticks to body very badly, but when Katy wears the latex outfits, she looks so very comfortable in them. She sings dances and performs well donning the super tight latex outfits.

Here is another picture of Katy in latex, where she is wearing and lovely red and white latex cat-suit. The cat-suit with half plain white and half red and white stripes was actually for the Christmas night last year. The red flower on her waist attached with the red ribbon wrapped around her sexy, slim and perfect waist are perking up the look of the cat-suit. I also love the lovely neckline of the cat-suit and the attached white band on her sexy neck. The pictures are from Kiss 108 FM’s Jingle Ball in Lowell.


Katy With Simpsons In Red Sexy Latex Dress

Katy Perry has always been in limelight for her audacious dressing sense. Here are a few pictures of Katy Perry in the episode of Simpsons this Christmas. Katy was a special guest in the latest Christmas episode featuring the puppets live action. Almost every dress of Katy and especially her latex dresses reveals her sexy but big boobs dramatically.

She was wearing a red mini latex dress in this episode. And no need to say that she was looking gorgeous. Katy made her best with the lovely animation family. Her red mini latex dress was revealing her sexy boobs very apparently and so everything else was just ignored. Katy also performed a doomed duet in the episode.

Tough her acting in this episode of “The fight before Christmas” was not likable but her sexy boobs bulging out of her skin tight extremely sexy red latex mini dress was enough to hold the viewers.

In one short scene of this episode Katy gives a sensual hug to Mr. Burns and then she uttered the lyrics of her album “I kissed a girl and I liked it”.  The episode ended on the take of “12 days of Christmas”.


Ms Katy Perry Exposed Her Off In White Latex Dress

It won’t be wrong if we call latex as the uniform for Katy Perry as she is most often seen in the skin fit latex dresses. As we all know that she loves wearing latex and moreover she is very comfortable wearing it. Here are few pictures of Katy performing at the Teen Radio Awards at BBC.

She also loves her candy-stripe Chanel booties which she wore for many of her performances along with this at Teen Radio Awards at the BBC Radio 1. This newly married singing Diva exposed her bulging boobs in the white latex dress.

Her cuts, curves and bulges are clearly visible in this white latex dress she is wearing. In fact we can see some of the tan which her skin got from her fresh honeymoon in Maldives.

Katy wowed the young crowd with her rocking performance of her most recent single ‘Fireworks‘. Her white latex dress with red gumball machine on it was equally impressive to create a charisma in audience.


Katy Perry In Spandex Pants At Brit Awards

Katy Perry wore the sexy, extremely tight, skin hugging spandex pants in the Brit awards in 2009. However I have read many bad reviews about this outfit of Katy, but frankly speaking I loved it. I e that Katy always look hot and sexy in the skin hugging outfit, after all she has a great body and especially when she wear a spandex or latex outfit she looks awesomely hot and seductive.

The Hello Kitty Corset wore by Katy was designed exclusively by the famous designers the Blondes, for the M.A.C ad visuals. This outfit after the award night was auctioned on eBay for charity. I loved the contrast of pink and black. The beads belt that Katy wore over the pink and black top were also accentuating her costume.

Kitty Katy was looking awesome in the hello kitty spandex costume. Rather I feel that she was looking like a Barbie doll in this lovely outfit and the hairstyle is also suiting her very much.


Katy Perry Holding Her Tits In PVC Outfit

Katy Perry is equally famous for her cheeky and funky clothing sense and her music sense. She has polished herself over the years with colorful and skin fit dresses. She has actually brought the latex and PVC clothing to a new level of ostentation.

She can be seen in flamboyant latex and PVC outfits very often. No matter it is her public appearance or any music video, she love to wear the skin fit and revealing PVC and latex outfits. And why not, after all she has a lovely and sexy gym honed body. Then what is wrong if she want to show her sensuous and gracious body.

Look at these pictures of Katy in blue PVC dress. This off shoulder dress is giving the utter cleavage. Men would certainly love to see such revealing and seductive pictures of Katy. This lovely PVC dress is too deeply necked. And on top of that look how Katy is pressing her boobs making her pose absolutely seductive.


Sizzling Katy In Halter-necked Pink Latex Dress

Katy and her latex love are very well known among her fans; in fact everyone today is aware of the love of Katy towards latex. I think she actually love to fist the sexy cuts and curves of her gracious body. This lovely short latex dress is one among her long list of latex attire. These pictures are taken from her performance in Canadian show Live. This halter necked pink latex dress with chocolate chip cookie print is absolutely tempting.

I have never found any of the Hollywood divas so comfortable in wearing the skin hugging latex dresses and she always admit this fact in her interviews. She often says that “the most comfortable thing I ever wear.” This short dress with cookies on it is again very uniquely designed as all of her other latex dresses.

She has been sporting the latex attire throughout the summer. As per her statement in one of her interviews not only she loves the latex dresses, but the watching her guys love it too! And the reason she gave was that, because it’s wonderful fitting gives the look as if it is painted on.


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