Angie Everhart in a black latex bodysuit

Angela Kay “Angie” Everhart popularly known as Angie Everhart among her fans is an American actress and a former fashion model. Being a fashion model Angie has always been quite familiar with the fashion statements and the way to carry the style outfits.

She can also be commonly seen on the sexy and sensuous wallpapers over internet, just like the other actresses and models. Saw a sexy and gorgeous wallpaper of Angie Everhart in a latex bodysuit and thought to share with my friends and viewers.

Angie Everhart is donned in a black latex bodysuit in this wallpaper and is posing sensuously on a chair. Te black latex body suit donned by the lady is so perfectly fitted on her gym toned body that anybody could think it of body paint. I wonder how the lady would have got it on her body. The latex body suit is actually looking as if the lady’s body is painted. Especially from the thighs, that latex body suit is perfectly fit and this is giving her a super sensuous look. The ultra deep and broad neckline of the latex body suit is revealing her bulging boobs and the zip long touching her pussy is doing the rest.

The high heeled latex boots are going very well with the latex body suit and the raunchy look of the hot babe Angie Everhart.

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