Amber Rose In Red Spandex Pants

Amber Rose is an American model and is best known for her relationship with Kayne West the famous musician. Though, the couple broke up last year. She stands out in a mob also because of her cropped hair, which is pretty unusual. Here is a picture of this black American beauty wearing the dazzling red spandex pants.


She is no doubt looking nice in these tight fitted spandex pants coupled with the white top and the sleeveless black jacket. These pictures are taken when Amber Rose and Kanye were covered dating in the penthouse of New York’s Gramercy. After seeing these pictures I am sure that Rose has an interesting style of carrying herself. She looks very much confident about her style and looks. Though the color of the spandex pants she is wearing is bothering me a bit, but the thing is that it is suiting her personality and so it’s fine.

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