Gillian Anderson In Blue Latex Catsuit

Latex fashion will soon take over the trend of the world. Have a look at this wonderful picture of Gillian Anderson in the lovely blue latex cat suit. This gorgeous actress of the television series The X-files achieved international recognition with her excellent acting as Agent Dana Scully. This lovely looking American actress was also nominated for BAFTA, Golden Globe and Emmy awards for her best acting.

gillian anderson in latex attire

Her perfect body is an add-on to her brilliant talent. She is looking fabulous in this blue latex cat suit but it pretty contrasting to her decent and elegant image. Her lovely body poured in latex catsuit is looking absolutely magnificent.

After seeing her kinky picture in latex wear no one can judge that she has been a theatre actress. The lovely zipper design is giving the cat suit a different look. In fact the color of the cat suit itself is very bizarre and it’s not a secret that ladies love dress up bizarrely.

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