Everything is different since LARA LARSEN

Everything got different in the past for me and I’m pretty sure you are wondering why.
Honestly, we all love latex and latex fashion. I started this blog with the intention that girls out there should see that latex isn’t anymore a porn related material. Many models and known celebrities wear latex on the red carpet or other known events. But while I noticed this I got slightly disappointed as most of these models just wore the fashion not because of a fantastic and outstanding look. No, in most cases they used latex for provocation. And does this matter for us?
Well, this is the point for me: I always thought that latex fashion should be more public and beautifully worn my beautiful models but in fact beside “some” like Katy Perry there wasn’t that much… since I found a cool model called Lara Larsen!
At very first I didn’t thought she might be different at any way. She wears latex, is modeling with but somehow she was different from the first day I saw her. She looked not like the typical models or celebrities. Reading more about herself on her website give me a new feeling… might there be really a girl loving latex fashion as fashion with passion?
That changed anything and I tried to figure out if it might be real or not. Lara has a private and public page on Facebook and contacted her… with a natural distance and a deep respect. A very friendly girl answered me and after some pretty nice (short) chats I noticed the difference for me: Latex is Fashion! And she proves this passion at all. I already saw many photos of her not only from professional photo shootings but also from private. It’s not that typical way to dress on latex for a moment… no she is living this passion and this deserves respect.
So much that I joined her club today. I’m normally not into this but after some cool chat on her website I noticed that she, a little student girl, lives the passion, shares her photos and deserves any support. Even it would not be needed I’m finally proud the be a member on her website. Thanks goes with deep respect to Miss Larsen and I hope to enjoy many more fantastic photographies and videos in the future.

Lara Latex Fashion

Lara Larsen – A NEW STAR?

The last weeks were very stressful for myself. I didn’t found the time to follow the process of beautiful models wearing latex fashion.
But the most impressive point for myself is a little young girl from Germany which had blown up my mind. As she says from herself she is currently 22 years and while studies she is a journalist. That doesn’t might be so interesting even if she wouldn’t have a passion which we all share: She loves wearing latex. I was in the lucky situation to write on her Facebook Profile and she was so unbelievable cute in answering.
Obviously, she is loving latex from the most beautiful point a girl can love it: It’s a perfect gloss fashion style. I agree to her, and I think we all do, that many actresses, models and performer wearing latex in videos and advertisement. She declines any reason that this is something erotic or fetish reason.
And if you take a look an her face and her beautiful smile you will see what I mean. She is loving her life, enjoying the time while traveling around and tell people about her impressions about places, events and more. And meanwhile she is looks unbelievable beautiful.
I wish you a lot of fun with these so fantastic pictures of a new girl next door. If you like herself you can also take a look on her club website Lara Larsen.

Paloma Faith performs in latex

Honestly, I never did heard much about Paloma Faith. It might be a reason that her music is not my taste (sorry to all fans) and I didn’t know much about her actor career. But from today I got a big big fan of Paloma Faith! I’m pretty sure you are wondering why but I just let you see the reason:


Isn’t it an outstanding performance of Paloma Faith in latex? Oh I love these shiny black tights with the white latex top so much! Paloma Faith was performing in Camden Roundhouse in May 2014… I am sad now I was not part of it. I was yesterday wearing my black latex leggins as I was going in cinema and I noticed all the attention on my bum and my glossy legs. So this is the right outfit to take attention to her performance and I am pretty sure if someone in the audience didn’t liked her music he was for sure loving this perfect latex outfit.

Victoria Asher in Latex

Victoria Asher is known from the US american pop punk band Cobra Starship and so also know for provocation and alternative style. Her latex single was called Middle Finger in 2012. So don’t you think Victora Asher would love to catch the focus of photographer with an outstanding outfit?

Victoria Asher Cobra Starship

Yes indeed, Victoria Asher decided as well to wear latex. Exactly its such a perfect tight latex outfit I personally love as well. It’s an bronze latex stage outfit which fits perfectly to her body and her style. Vin and Omi are the fashion designers of this outfit and totally new for me. But hey I keep the eyes on the street and I let you know what will go on with this designer. If you know more about there latex fashion please send me a message. :)

Monique Vegas Latex Fashion Model

Latex Monique Vegas stands as the symbol for latex fashion model in the world. This cute blonde girl with her perfect shape would look simply perfect in every outfit she is wearing. Her look would always be so mindblowing as you can’t imagine. Wearing a tight denim jeans or a sexy tight shirt would always perfectly match and would take your breeth away.

But Monique Vegas is simple different. In her erly age she found her passion for fashion. She was this litttle girl reading all the day fashion magazines like Vogue and more to keep always up to date. She became and real trend setter in her town and started catwalks for local and national fashion labels.

With time she noticed that this type of work became her real passion but the type of fashion was never her real feeling. So shirts became shorter and short, jeans and leggins more and more tight and thin. Finally, her slip was shown just to provoce the public audience in bars and restaurants.

Finally, she noticed that she was just looking for a new type of fashion. It should stay in a classy quality as she always saw in Vogue but otherwise still catch the audience. So she found the way to latex.

This outstanding material just became new on market and just a view designer started to play with cut and styling to make some new fashions. of course, Monqiue Vegas take part of this world. She is wearing on the pictures a blue latex skirts wearable in casual style. Its the perfect outfit for citywalks as it is not provocating but still beautiful in style.


Her second outfit is a black latex bra perfectly matching to the tight shiny latex skirt. Its one of these skirts where girls can’t take a big step at all. I was wearing this latex skirt as well and trust me it’s so damn sexy in a bar but you take nearly ours to get some meters. Even combinded with my black high heels it was the hottest dress I was ever wearing but I was so terrible slow. As Monique the fashion queen is one of me real idols I train every day a walk in high heels just to reach one day her awesome state.

American Diva ‘Megan Fox’ In Sexy Black Latex Pants

Megan fox wore latex in Transformers

Megan Fox, one of the most beautiful women of Hollywood, looks awesome in latex as obvious, latex spice up the looks of a sexy and perfectly curved body. Megan Fox wore the sexy flawlessly fitted black latex pants in her latest movie Transformers 2. The hugging black latex pants are indeed screaming “wow” and “sex” simultaneously. In spite of the immense gleam of latex the dress is not looking much skanky but is looking extremely hot. Though she always looks incredibly magnificent and sexy but the latex pants are augmenting her looks undoubtedly.

Latex pants, and latex leggings like any other latex attire go by numerous colors and designs and they all make a style statement. There are few qualities which make latex pants superior from other leggings and pants. Actually these are made of a very elastic and durable material. The elasticity of the material helps it taking the perfect shape of the body.

Latex curves according to any body type, and can hold up over time. Even after several washes the latex doesn’t worn out. All latex dresses, cat suits, costumes, tops & shirts, pants and lingerie carry sexy looks, supreme durability and comfort.

Sensuous Jenifer Garner in latex outfit in the movie ‘Alias’

Latex costumes are being used in the movies from years. The perfect fit and extremely gleaming look of the latex costumes perks up the look of the sexy divas. This picture of Jenifer Garner is from the movie Alias. She wore this tight fitted blue latex dress in a fight shoot and was looking absolutely stunning in the scene. As the scene was a fight scene the dress needed to be perfect fit and so thejenifer garner in blue latexdress designers of the movie decided to take the latex costume for the scene. The scene also demanded her to look sensuous and undoubtedly, no dress other than latex can do this.  This is the reason that almost every diva love to give the photo shoot wearing a latex dress.

This glamorous actress carried her latex dress very gracefully and done the whole fight shoot very effectively. The golden blonde hair, black stilettos and the neck-belt are enhancing her look apparently.

Gorgeous Victoria Beckham In Striking Black Latex Tights

Looking exotic isn’t it? The new latex tights makes the beautiful legs look yet sexier. Even the celebs love to wear these trendy tights these days. Have a look at the gorgeous Victoria Beckham in black latex tights. These tights were spread over the designer boutiquesthroughout the last year.

Sexy latex tights with  attached shoes

Victoria Beckham the very talented English singer, dancer, songwriter, occasional actress, model, businesswoman and a fashion designer always give preference to comfort when it comes about attire.

The audacious gray Antonio Berardi with the black kin fit latex tights allured everyone present in the launch party of the new Beckham Signature Fragrance Collection. Have you noticed the enticing black heel less shoes attached to the tights? Isn’t that making it unusual and striking? The mate looking top is indeed balancing the gleam of the shiny latex tights. Victoria has paired the two very intelligently, quite innovative.

Cameron Diaz In Sparkling Blue Latex Outfit

Born in San Diego this tall, blue-eyed bottle blonde strikingly attractive actress is looking astounding in the skin tight latex dress. The blue shimmer latex wrapped around the curvy body of Cameron Diaz set the photo shoot ablaze.

Blue eye model in blue latex

Though she is not a regular wearer of latex dresses but she has given many of her remarkable photo shoots in latex cat suits.

Latex has been all time favorite material of sexy divas, especially for the photo shoots as latex carves out the body brilliantly.

Latex costumes are extremely fashionable choices of individuals love to coddle in sexual fantasy play. All the latex outfits provide a magnificent gleam.

The latex outfits looks absolutely spectacular. There are such latex dress in extremely vibrant colors and give a high gloss once shined. Even the leather clothes cannot match the looks. Latex enhances the looks of excellently shaped divas such as Cameron Diaz.

Christina Aguilera loves to wear latex

Latex is wrapping the sexiest and hot divas nowadays and is undoubtedly the first choice of the celebs.

Christina Aguilera is not a new name for the music lovers. She is a famous singer rocking the music world for years. Her latest album ‘Not Myself Tonight’ was yet another milestone in her career.

hot Christina in sexy latex outfit

She was wearing a lovely sexy latex outfit throughout her video. She looked absolutely fabulous in this black latex dress. The ultra fair Christina actually stunned the viewers with this sexy black short latex dress.  The devilish look with the stylish latex dress created a great impact on the viewers. She wore mini-dresses, Bras, masks, knickers, corsets and capes of latex in here album. Latex perked up her sexy and sensuous looks.

She admitted that her partner love to see her in the latex outfits and further she added that the latex makes a strong style statement for her. She very often wears the latex outfits. Just for the period when she was pregnant she left the latex as it fits tight to the body, which is of course not recommended in pregnancy.

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