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Amy Childs Shiny Wet Look Leggings

Amy Childs seem to get more and more my new star of fashion feeling. Here I got some great pictures from a reader of our latex blog with the notice that she was wearing those hot wet look leggings as she was going to a dinner. Really? Yes it seems so and that makes things quite interesting for me. She looks so perfect and hot so I’m wondering which type of dinner she is going to? Ok I was kidding but isn’t she looking hot in her wet look leggings?


Susan Wayland is Catwoman

We are always talking about models who were latex for special events like the red carpet. Mostly, these models are unbelievable beautiful but do they share the passion for latex like we do? I think there are not that many models but thanks god we have Susan Wayland… my personal super model and the obviously icon for latex modeling.

Now she was surprising me again with a totally crazy project and which let beating my heart even faster. Since my early times I was loving Michelle Pfeiffer from Batman Return… might this be the reason why I love latex, pvc and everything glossy? :P However, right with the start of Batman Rises she created her own session and movie simply called Catwoman Rises. A beautiful contrast of the old movie with the perfect hot look of the black latex catsuit and the new movie of Batman. A personal dream came true for me and finally forced me to watch again this fantastic movie again.

Thank you Susan for these beautiful pictures :)


Selena Gomez Concert San Jose

Never heard about Selena Gomez? Ok, let me quickly introduce this actress and singer: She became know from the Disney Chanel in the role “Alex Russo” and her pop band Selena Gomez & the Scene which she started 2008. These pictures or nothing about leather, pvc or latex but as the dress was even hot and skin tight and it was like I enjoyed to dress myself I believe you will love it as well. The red dress looks amazing for me as she was performing in San Jose. We will see how her style will go on with time :)


Katrina Law Leather Pants Spartacus

Nothing that much today… Katrina Law… black leather pants… ;) Okay, just kidding. Katrina Law is also the lead singer and bass player in her band “Soundboard Fiction”. She played the role of Mira (a slave in the house of Batiatus) in the Starz television series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and Spartacus: Vengeance. If you didn’t saw Spartacus so far it’s worth to give it a try. She plays Mira, a slave offered to Spartacus in a episode with very open and direct scenes in the style of 300.

So take a minute and look for Spartacus but sorry if I lost the way :) Her perfect body will be obvious in the movie and she knows to show it. In the promo she is wearing this skin tight leather pants and this fur top. A unusual combination which fits just perfect for me.


Amy Childs in Latex Catsuit

Amy Childs is an English model, beautician, reality television contestant and television presenter from Essex and looks simply hot in this black shiny latex catsuit.
Amy Childs rose to fame after appearing in the first two series of the award winning series “The Only Way Is Essex”. Amy Childs came in fourth place in Celebrity Big Brother 8 in 2011.
She is wearing this black latex catsuit for an promotion and I think that the whole set is matching perfect. The latex is polished as it should be and makes the look noble and modern. A cool contrast to the hear style and the pink scooter she is posing with.
If you’ve not noticed the latex catsuit is somthing special as it’s cut made to measure but has cute puff sleeves. It makes the latex outfit looking more casual.


Anne Hathaway in Black Spandex Bodysuit in Catwoman

Do you remember the Anne Hathaway from a previous post (Anne Hathaway in Black Spandex Bodysuit)? As we were already talking about Anne Hathaway about her perfect catwoman dress I think it’s time to bring her perfect look back to our minds because the The Dark Knight Rises comes in 20th June (24th June Germany) in the cinema. And if you are not a fan of batman trust me catwoman is always worth to go.

The Dark Knight Rises’ stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Tom Hardy as Bane, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Jim Gordon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake, Michael Caine as Alfred, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate. The film arrives in cinemas and IMAX on July 20th 2012.
Yesterday I’ve done my own relaunch and watched “Batman return” with the perfect and beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer as catwoman in this part. Personally, Michelle Pfeiffer is the hottest catwoman so far but I don’t want to judge before I saw Anne Hathaway in this cool role. What can she make different? Can she do something better?

The first look of the catsuit of Anne Hathaway (Selina) looks interesting but honestly not that cool as the outfit of Michelle Pfeiffer. It’s more spandex suit and not a PVC or latex suit. But I just got “some” preview pictures so far. So lets see what is awaiting us :)



Alyssa Miller in Leather Dress

Alyssa Miller is a international fashion model known from the cover on Vogue and Elle. In 2010 she became the new face of Guess. She is wearing this black leather dress perfectly fitting to her body on the red carpet. Leather gets more and more a trend in the model scene and as I already described it looks simply perfect on her perfect body.


Taylor Momsen Berlin

Anyone was ever part of Taylor Momsens live show? Well, honestly I was not… not so far. I have absolutely no glue which type of music she is doing but while watching her picture of her live performance in June 2011 in Berlin in C-Club I feel I need to go! It’s not that I would get any attention to the music at all but her look is so unbelievable hot. Her perfect body allows it to wear such hot fashion on stage and I’m sure I would not be the only one who would enjoy this look. This time I’m fallen from my personal rules which are: Post only news about the hottest celebs in latex, leather or PVC. Or Taylor Momsen wears a black leather jacket but the whole look as not that latex or leather related. But anyway it’s a little the gothic and punk style which makes me crazy here and I hope it’s also fascinating you as well.


Leighton Meester in Leather Body

Could I be really that blind? Ok good reader and friends at first I need to say sorry. My last article about Leighton Meester was … lets say a little too much focused on her so hot and sexy black leather skirt. I already mentioned her as the cute girl with this “girl next door” look but thanks to be around with so cool guys who bring me back to the right way. :D

Okay, let’s face it: Leighton Meester is really hot and the black leather dress was not the hottest image I saw of her. Thanks to “Brian” to bring me these perfect pictures to my attention! I need to say that her skin tight black leather body in this picture is – WOW! I’m still speechless (fortunately I’m writing right now ;)). The little sneak feeling which she gives us opening the this leather body let me dream. The body itself, perfectly made to measure to her perfect body and with this little touch of a corset, is the best choice for her. It’s like she could never wear another leather outfit which could fit better than this!

But the most reason for myself that this picture of Leighton Meester blows me away is the combination of classical high heels and these black perfect stockings. Did you noticed the perfect match of black nylons with this black leather body??? I’m still in the mood to scream for this perfection.

Okay guys, now enjoy for yourself Leighton Meester and also give the attached pictures some of your attention. They are also worth :)


Leighton Meester shows her Dark Leather Side

It’s not the first time I see Leighton Meester in stage but I need to mention her this time just a little more. It not just because of her perfect look again and for sure not just the beautiful dark makeup she has done for this walk.

This time we need to mention Leighton Meester for her perfect look in a perfect skin tight black leather dress. If her makeup would not accentuate her look of the dark side of Leightin Meester personally I would see this look as the best contrast in the world. Leighton has this perfect doll face and gives a feel of girl next door. The leather dress, even as hot as hell, is a perfect match. But with the dark side makeup the look is rounded up and makes her really evil look. A mood in the picture I really adore.

Enjoy Leighton Meester in this black leather dress as I assume that these picture will be rare for sure.



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